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Anyone who works abroad must be prepared to adapt according to a wide range of cultural expectations.  

Most overseas positions require adjustment, empathy, understanding and a passion for cultural appreciation.

Our candidates are hired to bring inspirational leadership, and visionary expertise to help local people improve.

The Speciality Positions we work on:

  • Executive Management, GMs, Consultant GMs, Group GMs

  • Executive Chefs, Pastry Chefs. Food & Beverage Leaders, Heads of department

  • Trainers, HR managers, Finance Managers, Leisure managers and Maintenance Leaders.

  • Interim management, Chefs and Butlers for Event management.

  • We work on additional positions, too many to list here. Please ask.

  • Household Management positions both full time and interim.

  • Speciality trainers and consultants to fix your problems and find long solutions.

  • Private HR expertise dedicates to work exclusively on your long term recruitment drives.

  • We can fly to any corner of the world to help you drive your international candidate search.

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Values Come First

We determine the quality of our applicants by their consistent experience and only submit candidates who apply the same high values of fairness, dignity and respect in the work place.

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Sophisticated Professionals.

Our bespoke service identifies sophisticated professionals who will make a big difference within your organisation and our interview practices are good enough to find a needle in a haystack if need be.

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Interim solutions

Our tailored solutions can provide interim operational assistant or we can send our professionals in to identify operational fixes to help fast track change opportunities to improve standards, save costs and identify how to increase profit.

Executive Search

What we do

​We build relationships with some of best clients in the world, by demonstrating we can consistently deliver the quality they need and work tirelessly to get results.

  • As Professional recruiters we are trained to identifying quality quickly.

  • We study hundreds of CVs, searching through the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • We have invested four decades becoming  the experts we are today.

  • Our advice is free, and our knowledge and experience is considered unrivalled.

  • Finding great people is an art form.

  • We painstakingly look into the small detail and check our facts..

  • We have a pedigree and reputation of delivering the highest level of service.

  • We headhunt to precise needs and our reach is global, we leave no stone unturned.

  • We create long term relationships through trust and keeping confidentiality.

  • Our prices are competitive, because we believe value for morning is everything.

  • All our applicants are respected and treated fairly and equally.

Over the years, we have built relationships where we have become trusted advisors and mentors.

Register today and let us begin to get to know you.


Why Global Search International?

Global Search International first opened its doors in 2001, and began a hospitality journey offering Boutique Recruitment, Training and Consultancy. 

As the years have rolled by, clients have used different means to head hunt and find the people they need to fill vacancies within their hotels and resorts.

So many companies try to save pennies in recruitment processes that ends up costing them thousand, as Amateurs often employ amateurs, looking for fast solutions rather than invest in hours to professionalise what they do.

We all know the Hospitality world is rapidly changing but we must never forget that quality always delivers quality which takes time to acquire skills and experience.   Time is not what impatient leaders have.


Candidates become the Leaders of Tomorrow

One applicant claimed he once worked as a Food & Beverage Manager at a hotel where at the same time I was the Assistant F&B manager.  Candidates glorify their past history and experience teaches you to never destroy an old CV.

We identify fun and attractive positions that help encourage career growth

Client Relationships Really Do Matter.

  • We are proactive solution driven leaders who can work alongside your leaders.

  • Our vast experience ensures our interview questions can determine applicant quality

  • We build long term relationships with our clients and applicants, with trust and respect.

  • We can sell ice to Eskimos so please give us enough information to ensure every vacancy is exciting and enticing.

  • ​If  clients ever disagree with our values, we shake hands and walk away. 

  • Reputations take a life time to build and a heart beat to disappear.

Chef Dish

Job Solutions

We also help clients write their job vacancies. We never limit what people should do, we allow people to define their own boundaries and maximise their results.


Our Code of Conduct.

Any person who we recommend, who breaches your equals opportunity procedures will no longer be represented as a professional candidate by our company.


Legality, Fairness and Equality

Every applicant will be treated according to the laws of the United Kingdom.  We believe no candidate should ever be disadvantaged by any conditions of employment which goes against the equal opportunities act.  


 Grievance Procedures 

We ask that grievance procedures become part of your contract and that no one is ever  unfairly discriminated against.


Equal Opportunities

We never discriminate on account of race, colour, religion, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, age or marital status and assess people on their ability and attitude.

Applying Moisturizer

We don't tell people we are  the best,

Modesty is the only pre-requisite that defines who we are. Our close guarded confidentiality highlights what we are respected for.

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