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Event Management Support

The Aspire Leadership can put together a world class team to deliver first class service support at relatively short notice.

IOnce you ask for our support, we are a plane journey away to parachute into any event. Supplying up to 60 to 100 Butlers and Professionals to elevate your event.


Aspire Globally Events Management

We travel the world to serve Heads of States for VIP events where the highest standards of service are required. We help helped to opened Palace Operations, and have managed the head table at state banquets and Arab Summits, serving over 150 heads of State.

We are versed in the highest standards of food service etiquette and have the discipline to manage your team and align them precisely to the same standards.

Our services are uniquely bespoke, designed for luxury high end events, celebrations, and VIP occasions hosted on the global stage.

Our team of British Butlers are dedicated professionals, highly confident, composed and disciplined. We work in a synergised fashion with military precision.

Butlers who join our team have worked at the highest level of service working for the most discerning clients from around the world. Our team are security checked, reference checked and can be screened for perfect health. Only the very best are selected.

Butlers who wish to join our team will undergo extensive screening.

Notable Events


  • 2018 Opening Royal Palaces, (confidential locations).

  • 2017 Arabic Islamic American Summit - Heads of State luncheon, Riyadh.

  • 2018 Arab Summit in Damman, Saudi Arabia & Associated events.

  • 2023 MJM and JHL Fashion Show, Gala Dinner and Auction and Headline Concert

  • 2022 & 2023 F1 Grand Prix - Austin Circuit of America, COTA

  • 1994 King Abdullah & Queen Rania Wedding

  • 1994 Jordanian, American, Palestinian Israel Peace Summit, President Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Prime Minister Rabin, President Arafat

  • 1992-1995 - Heads of State Banquets with the Jordanian Royal Family and VIP guests

  • 1995 State visit of Queen Beatrix

  • 1993 State visit of Crown Prince of Japan

  • 1992 State visit of the Sultan Qaboos of Oman

  • 1993 State visit of Britain’s John Major

  • 1985 State Banquet for the Emir of Qatar and the Queen of England

VIP Event Management

We often work incognito and assess how operations perform and provide suggestions on how we can help improve performance.

We have a unique expertise to delicately observe and identify a concise strategy to help you transform what you do.


Your success is our success, together, we become one.

Aspire Team.png

Our Events Team

What ever the occasion, we have the team for you. 

From Royal weddings to VIP support needs we can parachute our team in at a moments notice.

Our team can manage almost any situation, just give us the brief and let us take control to support your event.


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