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How refreshing is it when we learn that board room decision makers allow leaders to put guests and staff priorities first and as a direct result profits usually take care of themselves because, employees and guests are happiest and the result is, employee turnover is lowered and happy guests often spend more, come back as repeat guests and strongly recommend you. Priceless.

Usually when employees are happiest, they feel empowered and trusted to take on bigger roles and responsibilities and that often means managing hotels well in the absence of senior leadership who are often compelled to take weekends off, because their weeks are usually full of very necessary meetings, it’s also a perk of the job to be off with family's while hotel staff operate hotels at the busiest times.

Long ago, I remember distinctly, earning my stripes and dealing with high volume weekend bookings and having to manage guest complaints, back in the 90's. I often think that so many hotel practices have not changed. Weekends are usually the busiest for business and profitability, yet the most skilled and experienced leaders can only take the only time when they are not busy, an age-old practice of weekdays taking precedence.

Usually, the care of guests and hotel employees are left to the next layer of management and therefore, quality decision making is dependent upon the quality and experience of those left to manage.

Changing hotel practices is best not left to the future. Great leaders will lead at every stage of their careers and changing the balance of work life needs will become the number one priority for the best hoteliers. No one should ever feel guilty for taking time off. It is essential for the success of the hospitality industry that we create the essential ingredients for happiness, well-being and recharging.

The only thing that stops the balance of work life harmony is the need for the highest profit margins often means sacrificing guest and employee needs.

A leader’s survival and success often means making shareholders happiest, and board room decision makers do not have the same priorities and profit over rides every decision. Board room decision makers need to know that by creating the climate for best practice will push profit margins even higher by having a team of empowered motivated and inspired employees who then set themselves up to be successful with your guests. Win Win.

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