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Wayne Fitzharris


I had a phone call the other day from a recruiter to the Royal Family of a very special country and my reply, was, what type of Butler would they like?

No French and no Eastern Europeans, came the reply.

Can you tell me more about the job, I asked?

No one asks me that Question, i was told, If you knew who I was, you would not ask me that question?

I replied, If you knew who I was, you would understand why I asked that question.

The conversation went on, list your questions and I will ask their people.

I went on to explain, so many Butlers from Europe had already applied and been tried for this family, and they had been through hell. The quality of life was awful and everyone left because they were never respected or never understood the culture or lifestyle they would have to sacrifice.

I went on, would they like solutions to their massive recruitment problem?

"No", came the reply. we just want Butlers.

I replied, well, I am sure we can help find the very best Butlers, but, they will have a minimum expectation and to date, those expectations have never been met.

This could be worth a lot of money I was told, my reply, was that money was NOT WORTH LOSING A LIFETIME REPUTATION for finding quality.

Are you sure you do not want a longer term solution I asked,

No, we just want Butlers and we need them immediately. How soon can you find them and how many Butlers do you have?

Oh dear, I said, I think this might not be something we can help you with.

My favourite line, was, I am a millionaire and I don't usually get involved at this level.

Money can buy many many things, but in this instance, money can not buy understanding.

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