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Bad News For the Butler Profession?

Wayne Fitzharris

Bad News For the Butler Profession?

Several years ago, the Houston Chronicle in Texas writes of local butlers and the challenges they face, connecting the experience of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge foregoing of butlers and asking the question whether this was bad news for the Butler profession?

Prince William has every right to feel to feel betrayed because of the experience Paul Burrell who kept a diary and then wrote two books to share all his mothers and his families’ secrets.

Whether or not, a future king needs professional Butlers or domestic staff so that they can attend to duties of state is something that we will discover in the fullness of time.

The reality is, whether Butlers are professional enough to maintain a reputation for confidentiality or are they just self-serving greedy opportunists who care more about their personal gain than, the loyalty and trust of an employer.

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